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Welcome to Lonkar

Forward Thinking
Information, it has been said, is the oxygen of the modern age. At Lonkar, our experience and expertise in data management and beyond have made us emerging leaders in our industry - and have provided our customers a competitive edge. For us, "Great People, Great Results" is more than just a slogan. It is our pledge to provide customers in the oil and gas industry with unique solutions and new technologies that pave the way for a better tomorrow.

Results Driven
When people think of Lonkar, the first thing that comes to mind is slickline. But over the past two decades, we have augmented this core strength with a wide range of services.

Today, with operation centres throughout Western Canada and Colorado, Lonkar has evolved into a multi-faceted company serving the oil and gas industry in the following areas:

     > Slickline Wireline Service
     > Data Management
     > Well Testing Services
     > Memory Logging
     > Instrumentation & Data Reporting
     > Cased Hole Logging & Perforating
     > Pipe Recovery